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こどもの日 (Kodomo no Hi) Report and Pictures

So Saturday was こどもの日 (Kodomo no Hi) which in Japan is Boy's Day. (For more see Kodomo no Hi article on Wikipedia at

I celebrated this with my nephews, Forest (age 13) and Daniel (age 6). This was the first time we have ever done Boy's Day. While I have nothing else to compare our Boy's day to, we had fun so I would call it a success.

(Funny point: in some of the photos we told them to look serious like a samurai. Daniel seem to take this to heart. It is amusing to see such a little boy trying to look so tough.)

We started the day off by meeting at my Mom's House where I had hung up a couple of Koinobori (windsock banners win the form of a Koi/carp) and set up a display that included porcelain samurai figurines and miniature japanese armor, weapons and such.

Then I gave them their Boy's Day presents.

I had Rev. Barrish at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America (see do a ceremony for Forest and Daniel. He sent us some paper Kabuto (samurai helmets) paper cut out and fold Mikoshi (portable Shinto shrine). He also sent an Omamori charm for each boy.

We then went to the Japanese Garden at Herman Park in Houston and enjoyed the Koi Pond.

After visiting the park, we went to Benihana for Lunch.

The next day, Daniel gave me a card he made. I had given Forest and Daniel cards for Boy's day. Well Daniel thought that it was not right that I did not get a card so he made me one.

What was cool was that Daniel figure out the hiragana for こどもの日 all on his own. I was quite impressed.

My hope is that with the Texas Shinto Study group we can expand upon for next year's Hina Matsuri/Girl's Day (March 3rd) and Kodomo no Hi/Boy's Day (May 5th).
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