kagekara (kagekara) wrote in shintoism,

Seeking info about Heian nun/priestess attire

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I've been studying Asian history, art, and culture, and I'm currently trying to find out what Heian nuns (such as Lady Nijo during her wanderings) and priestesses (such as Daisaiin Senshi) would have worn, I'm fairly confident that Senshi, daughter of an emperor, was more likely to wear rich Heian fabrics than the modern outfit of a miko, but it's hard to pick apart the tight weave of Buddhism and Shinto in the Heian era.

I've even browsed through tiny online images from scrolls such as Genji Monogatari trying to spot an image of a nun or priestess, but no luck. Can anyone help with resources, images, or solid information? TIA!
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